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This is my own recipe database, converted over and over, and then over yet again on a trail from Perl to Wikitext, and then finally into it's current incarnation. I use it for my own reference mainly, but you are welcome to peruse and use the recipes if you like.

Roland D-20 Factory settings download

This is a file from several iterations back on my webpage when I documented some DIY repairs for the Roland D-20 Multitimbral Linear Synthesizer. You can find the archived posts in the blog section of this website. I have created another link to this file as I used to be a D-20 owner and had to do a lot of digging to find the settings from Roland directly. I finally created my own archive of the original Roland factory settings for the D-20.

Proteus 2500 user manual download

This is another link I have included for redundancy and searching ease on the web. It can be a difficult file to find and track down.

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