Out at the speedway, same Elvis thing

20. August 2016

Well, sometimes the faster it gets

The less you need to know

But you got to remember the smarter it gets

The further it's going to go

When you blow at high dough

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07. June 2016

Helsa dem dar Salsa AJUA Swedish hot sauceā€¦the red-hot jalapeno pepper preparation that has been used as a home-remedy for years.

Swedes tend to be careful and cautious by nature, tidy, worriers, organizers, and too much of that can produce lower back pain (in yourself as well as in others), so take some AJUA, make a hot pepper plaster, sit on it and cure your perfectionism.

Also good on crackers.

Helsa dem dar Salsa AJUA Swedish hot sauce.

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Well said.

30. May 2016

The Master sums it up nicely.

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