Sound and Vision

11. January 2016

I will sit sit right down,

Waiting for the gift

of Sound and Vision

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Facial Recognition

03. August 2015

President Stay Puft?

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It's only Logical...

23. March 2015

So I finally took the plunge and upgraded to Logic X. I got pretty much everything downloaded and I will peel back and eliminate things that I don't want to use with it after I get in there. I recently upgraded the HD on the laptop though, so I'm not hurting for space either, so what the heck.

I'm not that new to DAW or computer-aided composition and recording, but after my initial investment in buying Logic 9 I was hesitant to quickly upgrade for the cost of the program again. It sounds like my patience was rewarded as there was a fairly major upgrade to Logic a few months ago squashing a bunch of bugs and problems. In general, I have to hold myself back from reactively upgrading. I tend to only do so when it's an essential upgrade or related to security or health of the OS & machine.

I have only had everything downloaded and loaded to make sure it runs without issue. I will try and post an update as I start using it. I'm a bit worried about it as a standalone program, so I'm wondering what will happen to my old files, both finished and in-progress. The advantage of the stand-alone program is it leaves your older version intact with all sounds, settings, etc. I will post my experiences with the upgrade and converting over, as well as my experience with my Mainstage 3 upgrade as well.

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