19. September 2014

Yup, the site has changed. I've been wanting to refocus this site and use it more for my music production and projects. The last format was getting a little bloggy. So you will see some radical changes, including URLs and the look & feel of the site.

I'm not going to port over every message from my old site, but I do know that the D-20 how-tos and factory settings were fairly popular, so I will plan on putting those up here as well. A couple other posts were getting a lot of hits as well, so I'll plan on bringing those over here too. The URLs will most likely change, but I will do my best to retain their content so it'll hopefully be easier to find them here. If you can't find a post that you're really looking for, just contact me and let me know what it is...I save everything in archives anyway.

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Archive: Synth Downloads

11. August 2013

I created a "Factory Set" of all sounds for the Roland D-20. I'm no longer a D-20 owner, but I had one for quite a long time, and have learned a lot about keeping one working and functioning as you can see in the archived posts related to it.

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Archive: E-Mu Proteus 2000 Repair

18. February 2011

I was recently moving some things around in my setup and I was trying to get the rack box nice and close the the keyboards for easy editing. I planned everything out, laid out all cables and cords, got my rack box all locked up and got everything transferred over to its new location successfully. As I was taking the front cover off my rack box, I lost my grip, and happened to catch it as it was hanging off the data entry/control knob on my Proteus 2000 module.

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