Archive: Roland D-20 Lockup/Freeze

13. December 2010

I've had a couple e-mail messages from other D-20 users about a strange error with the synth, so I thought I would post my own solution here. This is kind of involved, so if anyone has an easier way to recover from this, please let me know. Please also let me know if you know of the actual reason the D-20 does this.

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Archive: Roland D-20 Main Board Error

10. May 2010

I feel like I'm creating a series of DIY articles here about recouping your investment from twenty-some years ago.

Actually, I have heard from several people on my previous article on the D-20 backup battery change, so I figured I would post this tip as well since there are precious few resources for older electronic instruments, and even less for this venerable keyboard.

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Archive: Roland D-20 Battery Change

08. May 2009

Recently I've been getting back into music. Specifically, playing music. I sold just about everything I had right before moving out to California, but I did end up keeping my Roland D-20 keyboard. I ended up buying this way back in the late 80s, and after all this time in storage and getting it plugged in it was still starting up and working fine, apart from the low battery warning. Amazing!

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